Change Log - Echofon for iPhone

Version 6.0.2 (10/03/2012)

<ul> <li>Bug fixes</li> </ul>

Version 6.0.1 (09/26/2012)

<ul> <li>Bug fixes</li> </ul>

Version 6.0 (09/19/2012)

<ul> <li>Support iOS6 </li> <li>Support iPhone 5 </li> <li>Improved overall application speed </li> <li>Bug fixes and reduce memory consumption </li> <li>Dropped support iOS4.3 / iPhone 3G</li> </ul>

Version 5.2.4 (09/06/2012)

<ul> <li>Added follow butotn on Tweet View</li> <li>Fixed rendering issue of DM timeline</li> <li>Changed display according to Twitter display guidelines</li> </ul>

Version 5.2.1 (06/18/2012)

<ul> <li>Bug fixes</li> </ul>

Version 5.2 (05/08/2012)

<ul> <li>Refine push notification settings <ul> <li>Added an option receiving mentions notification only from people you follow</li> <li>Refine sleep settings as &#8220;Quiet&#8221;. You&#8217;ll receive notifications 24 hours but no sound during the quiet time.</li> <li>Fixed an issue that Echofon kept receiving notification on deleted accounts</li> </ul></li> </ul> <ul> <li>Mute app/hashtag now works on List Timeline</li> <li>Fixed an issue that block / report spam function crashed Echofon in a certain case</li> <li>Removed all deprecated <span class="caps">API</span> call for Twitter</li> <li>Fixed several crash issues</li> </ul>

Version 5.1.7 (03/30/2012)

<ul> <li>Bug fixes</li> </ul>

Version 5.1.6 (03/23/2012)

<ul> <li>Added missing artworks</li> <li>Bug fixes</li> </ul>

Version 5.1.5 (03/14/2012)

<ul> <li>Support New iPad Retina Display</li> <li>Fixed crashes</li> <li>Added an option to opt-out diagnostics and usage tracking</li> </ul>

Version 5.1.4 (03/06/2012)

<ul> <li>Fixed security vulnerability of our Push Notification server</li> <li>Disable RT w/ Comment feature for protected tweets to respect their privacy</li> </ul>

Version 5.1.3 (01/18/2012)

<p>- Bug fixes</p>

Version 5.1.2 (12/19/2011)

<ul> <li>Fixed an issue that Echofon Menu / Web / Compose View stopped working when user enables &#8220;Open Web with Safari&#8221;</li> <li>Fixed several crash issues </li> </ul>

Version 5.1.1 (12/14/2011)

<ul> <li>Fixed a rendering issue on iPhone 3G and 2nd generation of iPod Touch.</li> <li>Fixed a crashing issue caused by UI transitions.</li> <li>Fixed several minor bugs.</li> </ul>

Version 5.1 (12/07/2011)

<ul> <li>Support photo upload to Twitter</li> <li>Support iPod 2nd generation, iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2</li> <li>Fixed an issue of unexpected timeline scrolling on iPad</li> <li>Fixed an issue that settings didn&#8217;t show up in Account Settings on iPad</li> <li>Fixed several crash issues</li> </ul>

Version 5.0 (10/12/2011)

<ul> <li>Optimized scrolling speed and memory consumption</li> <li>Refined menu and settings</li> <li>Redesigned compose view with draft manager and multiple photo uploads</li> <li>Black theme</li> <li>Quick tweet menu (activated by tapping avatar in timeline)</li> <li>Compose shortcut: double tap home tab</li> <li>Reply acts as 'reply all&#8217; by default</li> <li>Removed, flickr photo upload and shake to reload</li> <li>New ad unit style (Free Only)</li> </ul>

Version 4.1 (08/15/2011)

<ul> <li>Significantly improved timeline scroll speed</li> <li>Fixed an issue that save to read it later causes an application crash in a certain case</li> </ul>

Version 4.0.9 (06/24/2011)

<ul> <li>Changed authentication method using OAuth through Twitter web. </li> <li>Official photo preview support. (#photos)</li> <li>Improved unread point syncing. </li> <li>Added &#8220;Copy Tweet&#8217;s URL&#8221; to the more menu in TweetView.</li> <li>Improved retweets handling in streaming. </li> <li>Fixed an issue that tapping on the current tab should jump to the first unread. </li> <li>Fixed an issue that geolocation opt-in dialog didn&#8217;t work. </li> <li>Fixed an issue that list membership should be saved and restored. </li> <li>Fixed an issue that application crashes at launch in a certain case. </li> <li>Fixed several crashing issues. </li> </ul>

Version 4.0.8 (05/17/2011)

<ul> <li>Fixed an issue that block user function doesn&#8217;t work appropriately</li> <li>Fixed an issue that Echofon reports incorrect authentication signature on startup for certain users</li> <li>Fixed an issue that auto-complete user name causes application crash in a certain case</li> <li>Fixed several crashes</li> </ul>

Version 4.0.7 (05/06/2011)

<ul> <li>Improved timeline scroll speed</li> <li>Fixed an issue that auto complete user name doesn&#8217;t work appropriately</li> <li>Fixed thumbnail size of picplz</li> <li>Fixed several crash bugs</li> </ul>

Version 4.0.6 (04/30/2011)

<ul> <li>Significantly improved timeline scroll speed</li> <li>Fixed an issue that save to read it later causes an application crash in a certain case</li> </ul>

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